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sites i've created...
Hope you can come visit! I love making websites! So please due take a look! Thanks & enjoy!

franklin fans
A fansite dedicated to actor John Franklin! He played "Isaac Chroner" in children of the corn. Please be sure to check it out! He is a great actor. He also played Cousin Itt in "The Addams Family".

melissa fans
Here is a fansite for actress Melissa McCarthy! She is one of my favorite actresses. I've decided to make a website for her. Because she is just lovely and very funny! I just adore her. Hope you can come visit! :)

- spookynj
A site about ghosts/spirits. I've also have my own collection of evps I collected through out the years. Come and explore haunted places in New Jersey. I hope you can come by and check out spookynj.

My FREE graphic site. I create backgrounds, icons and more. Hope you can come visit luckystorm. I plan on updating this site a lot. So please do come visit! Thanks! Hope you find my graphics useful and hope you use them too.

welcome message!

Hi and welcome to Franklin Fans! A fansite for actor John Franklin! He is probably best known for his role as "Isaac Chroner" in Children of The corn. To find out more look above! Enjoy your stay & please come back soon! God bless!