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sites who helped me along the way! Thank you very much!

  • pixel-soup
  • pixel-soup is a great site for small pixles. They're great to use and they can be very useful. She creates curtains and bows, too! Thanks pixel- soup!!
  • loveblush
  • Has textures, object png's, style sheets and tons more! Thanks Kayla!

  • bayside
  • Miggy Jai has textures, celeb png's and tons more! Thanks Miggy!

  • mascaraa
  • Melinda has style sheets, sign deco's, etc! Be sure to check out Mascaraa!
    Her site rocks!!

    Kevin offers sign deco's, style sheets, textures & more! Be sure to check out h0neydip.com! Thanks Kevin!!!

    Thanks to yahoo.com for the pictures of John Franklin! Just search actor John Franklin and you'll find wonderful pics of him, Thank you!

    welcome message!

    Hi and welcome to Franklin Fans! A fansite for actor John Franklin! He is probably best known for his role as "Isaac Chroner" in Children of The corn. To find out more look above! Enjoy your stay & please come back soon! God bless!